Badass Quote Of The Week | October 22, 2012

“It helps if the hitter thinks you’re a little crazy.” – Nolan Ryan

2 thoughts on “Badass Quote Of The Week | October 22, 2012

  1. In this world our love is hate, or smiles in the end bemcoe fake, we walk astray from the magnificent path, but come let us be truthful with our mind & heart even though their at war, don’t let your soul be trampled on, don’t let your pride ruin your blind eyes, so come wit me to a dimension unknown to your reality, be free from troubles, give thanks for the pain, heartache, the joy, the happiness, its all apart of whats makes you you, even tho you is lost, but thats how you’ll find who you truely are .the future is nothing but a different version of your past, & the present is only the story-line that leads to your rise or fall -This is my favorite quote because it basically describes the world as it is, twisted and opposite of itself, just lost & blind filled with mixed emotions, not knowing what it wants & where it wants to go. But at the same time it describes the life of people & their inner self. Its a quote that perfectly points out things people try to hide about their life and how hard it is but also tells them be thankful for the pain because it’ll help you find a greater joy..maybe..maybe not.[]

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