Top 10 Most Badass Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

Not gonna say much about this. Here it is. Ten costumes ideas, for dogs.


The Dinosaur. Especially popular with undersized canines with a poor understanding of actual relative size

The Hot Dog.
For the suave dog.

The Headless Horseman.
The question is of course, did it have a head before it met the dog?

Woof, mateys. A Pirate Dog.

Star Wars? Well, Darth Vader is badass. (If, of course, we forget that he used to be Anakin…)

The Skeleton Costume. Classic.

Batman is badass. Maybe Batdog is too?

Indiana Jones is cool. So is this costume.

The name is Bond, James Bond, Agent 007. Or is Bark, James Bark, Agent K009?

Last but not least, my favorite, The Joker Dog. Queue maniacal barking…

How To Be A Badass On Halloween | 8 Ways To Pick A Badass Halloween Costume

The one time all year when people can run around in a costume and get candy–or green-chili popsicle for us cool people. It’s nearly here. The question is always, “What should I be?” The answer is simple. Be badass. Just like all the rest of the time.

Here some strategies to keep in mind when selecting your badass costume for 2012–or for any other year.

Strategy #1: No costume
If one is badass enough, no costume is needed. Costumes are play-acting, they reveal who people wish they were. If one is badass, what more is there? Why would you want to be anything else? People should dress up as you!

Strategy #2: A Legendary Badass
What do you want to be? A Legendary Badass, of course! Pick one of the legends of badassary and go with it.

Strategy #3: The Opposite
This is a debated strategy, and one that is not easily pulled off, but it can be done. Pick a costume that is the polar opposite of badass. Try something pink, or frilly, or even Urkel-esk. If you try this one, please share it with us.

Strategy #4: The Awesome Object
Try being something cool instead of someone. This might be a sword, a gun, a brick wall or other inanimate object that might be classified as badass or at least be a popular accessory of the badass.

Strategy #5: The Personified Wit
Are you a smartass too? Them maybe you should try to bring your rapier wit into existence as a costume. There are infinite possibilities here, but a possibility that I’ve seen done it the”Blue Screen Of Death.” No the most witty example, but it give the idea. A phrase or idea or action, clearly implied by a physical outfit.

Strategy #6: The Badass Beast
This is again, a large and vague category. It’s defined exactly as it sounds. Pick some sort of badass animal, be it real or fictional, and go with it.

Strategy #7: The Car
I would like to see this one done. There are a lot of cool and badass cars out there (mostly from the muscle car era). Throw on a bumper and some headlights and hit the streets. (And send a picture!)

Strategy #8: The Experiment
As a badass, you may be entitled to you own opinion. In this case, use your own understanding of badassary and come up with a purely original costume concept.


Top 5 Most Badass Hats

Can hats really be badass? Or is it the head under it that makes it awesome? That’s an eternal question, kind of like the chicken and the egg. Let us ponder, but meanwhile, here’s another badass list.

Numero Uno:  The Cowboy Hat
Some Legendary Badasses who wore one:
John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Brick Wall, Audie Murphy

While other styles may come and go, the cowboy hat has been badass for a long time—and it still is. Don’t mess with “This Cowboy’s Hat.”

Number 2: Fedora
Some Legendary Badasses who wore one:
Indiana Jones, The Blues Brothers, Elliot Ness

‘Nuff said.

Number 3: The Sherlock
Legendary Badass who wore one:
Sherlock Holmes

Add a pipe, some genius, and an unexpected sidekick. It’s badass, my dear Watson.

Number 4: The Driver’s Cap
Legendary Badasses who wore one:
Kato, Sean Connery

Whether you’re the asskicking driver/sidekick of a deluded vigilante, fabled mafia-killer with a six-gun vest, or just a regular badass with old-school style, the driver’s cap is for you.

Number 5: The Beanie
Not even gonna start a list, it’s a popular hat. What can I say…

For the balding and/or cold badass, the beanie is really the only choice.