Top 5 Most Badass Hats

Can hats really be badass? Or is it the head under it that makes it awesome? That’s an eternal question, kind of like the chicken and the egg. Let us ponder, but meanwhile, here’s another badass list.

Numero Uno:  The Cowboy Hat
Some Legendary Badasses who wore one:
John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Brick Wall, Audie Murphy

While other styles may come and go, the cowboy hat has been badass for a long time—and it still is. Don’t mess with “This Cowboy’s Hat.”

Number 2: Fedora
Some Legendary Badasses who wore one:
Indiana Jones, The Blues Brothers, Elliot Ness

‘Nuff said.

Number 3: The Sherlock
Legendary Badass who wore one:
Sherlock Holmes

Add a pipe, some genius, and an unexpected sidekick. It’s badass, my dear Watson.

Number 4: The Driver’s Cap
Legendary Badasses who wore one:
Kato, Sean Connery

Whether you’re the asskicking driver/sidekick of a deluded vigilante, fabled mafia-killer with a six-gun vest, or just a regular badass with old-school style, the driver’s cap is for you.

Number 5: The Beanie
Not even gonna start a list, it’s a popular hat. What can I say…

For the balding and/or cold badass, the beanie is really the only choice.

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  1. Dear Mr. Garcia,I am so happy to have found your blog. I’m in desperate need of badassness. A reader of my blog recently declared me “One of the nicest persons on the internets” This was meant as a compliment but I don’t want to be nice. I want to be be a badass. I am looking forward to your posts and have added you to my reader. I sincerely hope that you can help me. I am in much need of guidance.

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